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  In Alan Ayckbourn's play Snake in the Grass a wonderful trio of women
The Abendblatt
Snake in the Grass, The English Theatre of Hamburg

  Cleverly sparking audience laughter, Jan Hirst gave a tough no nonsense portrayal of the Alison Steadman role from The Memory of Water, recalling good sex after bad news, a brief but telling scene with terrific vocal and emotional variety as the home truths come spilling out. She was equally forceful as the tired and ailing social worker Miranda struggling to help her misfit clients in the Positive Hour, by April de Angelis
The Stage
Student showcase

  Sheila (Wunderbar Jan Hirst)
Hamburger Abendblatt
Relatively Speaking, The English Theatre of Hamburg

  He was ably balanced by Jan Hirst as Isabella, who relished the more physical and anguished raving that culminated in a great scene
The Bardathon
The Spanish Tragedy, The Rose Theatre

  the criminally underused Hirst demonstrates the depths which could be made of the script
The Stage
Brotherly Love,Edinburgh Festival

  smoothly-efficient Jan Hirst as Carla who knocks the two blokes for six when it comes to performance
Thom Dibdin. Edinburgh Festival for The Stage
Brotherly Love, Edinburgh Festival

  Jan Hirst plays the lovely Miss Clemson. Jan Hirst plays her with what you would expect as being nearly perfect to achieve as an actor. A fabulous performance, and wonderfully portrayed. A joy to watch
Little Boy, CUC Liverpool

  Jan Hirst as Sister George is excellent in her interpretation of the complexity of the character that is at times funny, insecure and masked by a bullying cruelty
Evening Press
The Killing of Sister George, Grand Theatre Studio, Leeds

  A sweetly poisonous Jan Hirst
Whats On
Miss Tesman in Hedda Gabler, Greenwich Playhouse

  And the superb Jan Hirst as Miss Tesman
The Stage
Miss Tesman in Hedda Gabler, Greenwich Playhouse

  Jan Hirst as the husbands aunt excels as a lonely but caring spinster
Gravesend reporter
Miss Tesman in Hedda Gabler, Greenwich Playhouse

  Abigail's divorcee mum, Susan, superbly played by Jan Hirst
Walsall Observer
Abigails Party, Wolverhampton Grand

  Jan Hirst, as the anxious mother, makes the most of her many opportunities-often wordless-to react to the dreadful people with whom she is closeted
Evening Mail
Abigails Party, Wolverhampton Grand

  Miss Hirst's acting is exemplary
Mary in Tabloid Caligula, Union Theatre

  Then in walks Mary (a super performance by the talented Jan Hirst) a tart with a heart of gold
Theatreworld Internet Magazine
Mary in Tabloid Caligula, Union Theatre

  Special mention should go to Jan Hirst who gives a sterling performance as Glens wife Maggie
Express and Star
Suddenly at Home, Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

  The story held the attention of the audience, not least, thanks to the easy warmth and natural charm with which Jan Hirst, excellent as Miss Tenbury, draws the audience into the drama
Somerset Gazette
The Long Mirror, Brewhouse Taunton

  Jan Hirst made a strong minded seemingly indestructible Maggie Howard
The Sentinal, Crewe
Suddenly at Home, Lyceum, Crewe

  Again excellent support is provided by Jan Hirst as frosty home care assistant Angell
Express and Star
The Unexpected Guest, Wolverhampton Grand

  Jan Hirst injects some much needed reality as Mary
Time Out
Mary in Tabloid Caligula, Union Theatre

  Casting directors particularly those preparing productions of The Women or any other piece with a lot of meaty female roles would do well to see the show, since it features tremendous performances from its five female cast members
Time Out
Valentina in Stars in the Morning Sky, Union Theatre

  Jan Hirst as his wife gave a composed and telling performance
Taunton Times
Round and Round the Garden, Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

  Jan Hirst played Susan with aplomb. The faultless acting by this touring group of professionals making Abigails Party an excellent night for entertainment
Taunton Times
Abigails Party, Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

  Jan Hirsts admirable cameo role as the writers chatterbox secretary
Anagram of Murder, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

  The story is acted very well. In the role of Sister George, Jan Hirst and her flatmate Simone Ashton bring depth and significant emotion to their relationship
The Stage
The Killing of Sister George, Grand Theatre Studio, Leeds

  It was an incredibly enjoyable performance by a fabulously talented cast
Anna in The Government Inspector, Union Theatre

  My favourite scenes along side the passionate scenes with the Murphy family nicely performed by Howard Corlett and Jan Hirst, you just know they fight all the time
Windermere, Actors Studio, Liverpool

  Author, cast and director handle this complex structure with striking ease. Robin Middleton , Jan Hirst and Megan Fisher all paint expressive pictures of their characters at two different times
The Stage
Breathing Space, Soho Theatre